Minimum floor-to-ceiling height at 3 meters
with 50% of total space could reach as high
as 3.20 Meters. The full-length exterior glass
wall is transparent maximizing the spectacular
view at the height of 2.8 Meters and
top-of-the-class support facilities. It's an ideal
working environment, which will facilitate
workers to reach their highest potentials while
enabling greater business success.
 SAFETY Safe and sound working environment for greater peace of mind.
    - Keycard System and Finger-print
  Identification System at entrance/exit
  gate on every floor
- 24-hr CCTV System and Security
- Uninterruptible Power Supply
- Laminated Safety Glass:Interlayers
  hold the glass fragments in case of
  breakage or glass shattered to
  reduce the risk of cutting or injuries
  Modern and luxury lifestyle necessitues for comfort and convenience
  - 1,000+ parking spance available
  - 10 sets of elevator
  - Meeting and conference rooms
  - Guest receotion corner for
    one-on-one meeting
  - Mondern design toilet featuring
    Touchless system and Washlet
  - Direct line or lease line can be
    installed to suit your requirements
  - Double height luxury lobby
  - Fitness and rooftop garden

  Energy-efficient workplace to maximize cost savings.
    - Chiller system is Separate electricity
  control panel on each floor for extra
  security in case of emergency.
- Chiller system air-conditioning for even
  distribution of cool air and more
  energy efficient than Split type
- A tuned schedule wutg small
  air-conditioners for off-hour period
  ensuring 24-hr availability